Fran X. Beck Jr.

Technical Project Manager  RCA (Sperry-Univac, Unisys) Point of Sale

  1. His early life and how Fran Beck arrived at the RCA Lab that would create the Bullseye Scanning Project  (7 minutes 44 seconds)

  2. Fran Beck joins New Business Systems at RCA which leads to the Scanning Checkout (1 minute 40 seconds)

  3. A business plan is developed  and accepted by RCA management (4 minutes 29 seconds)

  4. Designing checkout system and related equipment (10 minutes 8 seconds)

  5. Designing the Bullseye scanner and other in-store related equipment.  (9 minutes 42 seconds)

  6. Setting up and system experiences in the store test at Kroger's Kenwood Plaza store in Cincinnati (10 minutes 33 seconds)

  7. Store experience with laser scaning (2 minutes 14 seconds)

  8. Lessons learned from the RCA-Kroger store test (3 minutes 26 seconds)

  9. What happened to the store test and what events followed that at RCA? (3 minutes 50 seconds)