Video of Fred Bialek

General Manager

Datachecker Division, National Semiconductor Corporation

Fred Bialek created the Datachecker Division of National Semiconductor and managed it until April 1982 when he left to manage Onyx Computer and IMI Storage technologies, startup companies in which he had invested.  Fred defined the company's culture, product mix and most of what Datachecker was.

  1. Background on Fred Bialek.  ( 0:47 min)

  3. How Datachecker started as an electronic cash register company in 1971.  ( 3:39 min)

  4. Datachecker entering the scanning checkout business. (0:38 min)

  5. Fred Bialek describes the first customer installation and the consderations behind its redundant design. ( 4:02 min)

  6. Installing Datachecker's first scanning store. ( 2:06 min)

  7. U.P.C. issues and views on competitive scanners. ( 5:48 min)

  8. Fred Bialek describes what he thinks was the Datachecker advantage and edge.  ( 5:36 min)

  9. Fred Bialek discusses Datachecker business management.  (2:49 min)

  10. Fred Bialek on responding to customers, the Datachecker Culture.  ( 5:46 min)

  11. Why no international business?  ( 2:11 min)