IBM and the UPC
Bill Jones Oral History

Bill Jones had a series of positions in IBM Retail Store Systems Marketing space which grew in title as the business grew ranging from Distribution Industry Director to Vice President Sales for Retail Store Systems.  He was a key player and observer of the expansion of the UPC from strictly a Food industry tool to becoming a tool for all retail.  Here are his rememberances:

  1. Introduction of optical to the non-food sides of retailing.   (13 min and 14 seconds )

  2. Impact of growth of Large Store units in industry (7 min 8 seconds)

  3.  IBM organizes around large store outlets  (10 min  49 seconds)

  4. IBM Store Systems Division, Mass Merchandiser Productivity gains  ( 7 min  38 seconds)

  5. IBM and WalMart  (5 min and 59 seconds)

  6. IBM and KMart    ( 6 min 3 second)

  7. Bill's Biography ( 4 min 30 second)