IBM and the UPC
Marvin Mann Oral History

Marvin Mann coordinated IBM's entrance into the Retail Point of Sale business.  He was key to the process first coordinating IBM's participation in the UPC creation process and then managing the introduction of the POS from a marketing view only to continue on to managing POS development within the business unit under Bob Evans.  Here is his story:

  1. Introduction to IBM and Marvin's efforts  (1 min 46 seconds )

  2. Marvin joins Distribution Industry Marketing and is introduced to the Industry UPC program (3 min 48 seconds)

  3. Early IBM checkout designs evolve from Key Entry to Scanner development  (5 min  15 seconds)

  4. IBM Retail Store Systems organization and development experiences  (6 min and 44 seconds)

  5. Marvin's Biography (7 min 32 seconds)