Hollis Posey - IBM Development Manager

IBM Store Systems Engineering Development

Hollis Posey held several key positions in IBM's developement of their Point of Sale product. Starting as a micro-coder in the initial systems, he grew to manage several line and staff enginnering functions.
  1. Hollis Posey's background and career leading up to working at Development in IBM Store Systems and designation as an IBM Distinguished Engineer. ( 5 min 16 sec)

  2. What Background on IBM's reasoning for entering the Point of Sale market with the design and functionality of the original systems. (11 min 4 seconds)

  3. Assessment of Technology required across the aray of stores in IBM's market. (12 min 0 sec)

  4. Significance of the transition from IBM UC processors to Intel PC standard processors. (2 min 17 seconds)

  5. Factors that drove system change. (1 min 47 seconds)

  6. How product requirements got to the engineers. ( 1 min 36 seconds)

  7. Impacts the Industry had on Engineers. ( 1 min 47 seconds)

  8. Early development tools and tool development. (2 min 0 seconds)

  9. Staffing and personnel growth in Point of Sale engineering. ( 1 min 41 seconds)