Alan Haberman

Chairman of U.P.C. Symbol Selection Committee


Alan Haberman Executive Vice President of First National Stores in Boston, MA was asked to chair a group of eight competent, motivated  and focused individuals from specific Supermarket Chains and Grocery Manufacturers.  Here 38 years after the committee completed its work, he thinks about what was accomplished, how it was accomplished and what it really meant.

  1. Alan background prior to the committee's work on the UPC industry standard.  (8 min 24 sec)

  2. Major Steps in Achieving the UPC Standard by the Industry  (10 min 20 sec)

  3. Communication between the Symbol Selection Committee and the Ad Hoc Committee other Standards organizations (5 Min 31 secs)

  4. Consequences of the U.P.C. industry standardization effort.  (5 min 34 seconds)

  5. Biggest Surprises in the standardization process  (3 min 25 seconds)

  6. Future of the Barcode  (3 min 9 seconds)

  7. The Message for others about the future (3 min 41 seconds)

  8. Final Thoughts  (3 min 33 seconds)