Barry Franz

Procter & Gamble

Symbol Selection Committee Participant

Barry Franz had a successful career in Procter & Gamble's Information Systems Division.  He was asked to be involved in the industry effort to standardize product identification in 1971 and served as a very technology knowledgeable member of the UPC Symbol Selection for the entire life of the committee.

  1. Barry Franz' Background  (1 minute)

  2. Comments on early industry efforts, Barry Franz involvement, establishing the Symbol Selection Committee, Early Committee meetings.  (13min 48 seconds)

  3. Structuring the work of the committee, factors affecting symbol selection, Committee Synergy (11 min 16 sec)

  4. Activities End of 1971 - 1972 lab tests, store tests, fleshing out the framework for a decision (7min 11 sec)

  5. Symbol Selection Committee Activites in 1973 including the presentations of all symbol proposals, the committee deliberation for the actual symbol agreed to and its announcement by the committee, April 3, 1973 by the Ad Hoc Committee.  (6 min 39 seconds)

  6. Retrospective thoughts on what happened: (1) to the Committee Members, (2) the 25th Anniversary, (3) Creation of STAC, (4) Coupon Validation, (5) Creation of Number Distribution Company, (6) Evolution of the code Structure itself.  (10 min 32 seconds)